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VALLEY VILLAGE, CABaseball fans help a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan attend game three of the World Series this week.


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It’s been 71 years since the Cubs have played in a World Series and 108 years since they’ve won the World Series. Cubs fan Jim Schlegel, 97, attended the last World Series game the Cubs played in 1945. He watched the Cubs play the Detroit Tigers in game six and seven at Wrigley Field. Schlegel is a World War II veteran and survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.



His granddaughter made a website to raise money for him to go to the World Series. Local news coverage in Chicago helped spread the word. CNBC’s Marcus Lemonis from the show, The Profit donated two tickets to Schlegel. The profits from Schlegel fundraiser will now go to The Purple Heart Foundation. Schlegel got to sit front row at Wrigley Field as the Cubs played the Cleveland Indians on Friday night.

By Mabelynn Capeluj.

Contributions from New England Sports Network, Chicago Tribune, and Go Fund Me.

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