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VALLEY VILLAGE, CA – Presidential candidate Donald Trump called the National Football League’s concussion rule soft in comparison to a woman who fainted and then left his rally. She returned to the rally after recovering in Florida on Wednesday.


Credit,  University of West Florida.

Trump said she was out cold and now she’s back. He also said that his people are tough and they don’t go by the new and softer NFL rules.

The National Football League is trying to fix the stigma connected to its rules on head injuries and players. In 2009 the NFL enforced a league-mandated concussion protocol. This protocol requires teams to remove players from the game if they’re showing signs of a concussion. The NFL recently joined an agreement with the players association to fine teams that don’t follow the concussion protocol.



Trump’s comments about the NFL didn’t resonate with some athletes. New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor said Trump’s comments were sickening. New York Giants tight-end Larry Donnell said let Trump should get hit before he criticizes the concussion rule. Another Jets player Lorenzo Mauldin said that Trump hasn’t gone through that pain of a concussion. Pryor also said the NFL is very serious and for Trump to say that isn’t good.

By, Mabelynn Capeluj.

Contributions from CNN, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports.

Photo, University of West Florida.


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