Futbol ISIS attack

VALLEY VILLAGE, CA – Kosovo police stop an ISIS attack during a soccer game Saturday. The attack was planned for a FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Albania and Israel’s national soccer teams.


Credit, The Times of Israel.

The game was scheduled to take place in Shkoder Albania, but because of the threat the venue was moved to Elbasan, Albania. Around 2,000 officers stood by, for safety precaution, during the match. Israel won the game 3 to nothing.



Kosovo police found weapons and explosive when they investigated the suspect’s home. They also found books and religious materials linking them to ISIS, along with two planned attacks for Saturday. One of the attacks was planned for Israel’s soccer match in Albania, and the other attack in Kosovo. Police have arrested 19 suspects in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, which are all neighboring countries. Officials said one suspect has been released after two days but the other 18 suspects are being held for interrogation.

By Mabelynn Capeluj.

Contributions from The Bleacher Report, CNN, and The Times of Israel.

Photo, The Times of Israel.


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