MLB Fat Shaming

VALLEY VILLAGE, CA – Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval has slimmed down after being fat shamed since he joined the team. In a recent photo posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Sandoval seems to be in better physical shape this off-season.


Credit, CNN.

Sandoval’s weight have been the butt of jokes throughout the 2016 season. In a game earlier this year, when Sandoval swung at a pitch his belt popped. Gifs of the moment became viral on social media. During spring training in 2015, a journalist tweeted a photo of the third baseman saying it looks like he hasn’t missed any meals during the off-season. Sandoval says he suffered with over eating problems. He has also been called “Kung Fu Panda” from his time with the San Francisco Giants.


Credit, CNN and Twitter.

After receiving much criticism for his weight and performance, Sandoval says he underwent surgery and rehabilitating helped spark the fire to make him win again. Over the past few months, he has dropped a significant amount of weight. He says this gave him the courage to work harder so he can be a part of another Red Sox Championship. Sandoval is a three time World Series champion, and was  the World Series MVP in 2012, and appeared in two All-Star games. Red Sox President of Operations, Dave Dombrowski, says Sandoval is in tremendous shape.



By, Mabelynn Capeluj.

Contributions from CNN, ESPN, and The Boston Globe.

Photo by CNN.



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  1. Fat shaming seemed to have a positive effect in this case. Not that I would necessarily encourage it, though, oddly enough, I was skinny shamed, and it may have had some effect on my psyche, but fortunately nothing serious.

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