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VALLEY VILLAGE, CA – Paintball is a competitive sport played professionally around the world. At Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, California, everyone is welcomed to play. It’s known as the number one park for paintball and airsoft. The park hosted an event Sunday for people to play paintball recreationally.


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Professional Paintball Player Bear D’Egidio said “paintball is played a variety of different ways. Playing paintball recreationally means you can come with your friends and enjoy a day of paintball.”

D’Egidio has opened four parks in Southern California. He said it’s one of the safest sports to play for all ages. Players gear up with protective body equipment before heading out onto the fields.

Without protective gear, paintball can cause injuries. Last year an 18 year-old was hospitalized in London after a game of paintball. The man suffered from a ruptured liver after being shot with a paintball. United Kingdom Paintball says the sport carries small risks. Andrew Naylor of UK Paintball says the proper training and equipment eliminates those risks. D’Egidio started his own active line for paintball called Giant Tactical.

He gives back to the community by hosting events at his park that benefit children and families. Every few months D’Egidio hosts an event, Giant Tactical Day, specifically for those who support his line. He also hosts private events for professional sports teams and celebrities.


LA Lakers Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell with Bear D’Egidio.

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Recording artist, Travis Mills said, “a mutual friend of ours came to one of our shows and said we should go paintball this weekend and I said okay. I ended up meeting Bear and I’ve been playing every weekend ever since.” Mills joined the Giant Tatical family and plays every Sunday.


Travis Mills sporting Giant Tactical gear with Bear D’Egidio

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The paintball fields are built out of movies sets, from movies like Saving Private Ryan, Mad Max, and Water World. The park offers a variety of different games including airsoft and laser tag. They have a rock wall and are currently building a soccer field. The park is opened every day.





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